Hallelujahs For Keeps

I'm not sure if anyone is still lurking in this old graveyard but I don't really use this anymore... which sucks cause I love the Cancers From 1970 name. Well, I suppose I will use it for something else. Did I ever explain what the hell it means anyways? Hmm, maybe some other time.

I swim in this public pool these days.

Feel free to join me.

Bring a life jacket.


Lark Manegan

cool video and song.

and flyer.


Who Is This Captain And Where Do His Friends Live?

Going to check out Autolux at the Entry tonight. I'm hoping to ask them why they have been total pussies and only put out one record in over FIVE years. Stewing around some new ideas for this blog in the pot that is my head. Need to write more. Or mo betta.



- Daniel Johnston was cool for like the first 20 minutes, then he took a break and came back with a full backing band and totally killed buzzes. No dude, we wanted to see you and that mini acoustic guitar playing the same chords over and over again cause it was cool. Backing band, not so much.

- Sehorn and I saw Motorhead last night at First Ave. Trippiest part is when we were hanging banners prior to the doors opening and saw Lemmy standing right behind us playing video blackjack. As Sehorn said, "He's going for that Ace of Spades." That jokes for the old timers. Openers Throw Rag were some old punker sluts that had some energy on stage then they had Shannon from Cows and Heroine Sheiks come up on stage and "play" some busted trumpet.

- Saw someone wearing one of the greatest rock n roll t-shirts around, with one of the greatest slogans.

That's from Funkadelic's second record which Georgie says was an attempt to see if they could cut a whole record tripping on acid. I need a hard copy of this record cause I only have Maggot Brain.



Birthday today. 27 yrz young. Sehorn and I are working at the Daniel Johnston show at First Ave tonight! Camping in Taylors Falls tomorrow and waterparking it like children on Saturday. YES! Back soon with some words about seeing Daniel Johnston. Should be interesting.



> We are now a little over 130 days into Methadont and still doing the damn thing. The initial idea and subsequent gravitation towards fruition of this idea was to really just see if we could do it for a whole year and then to pat ourselves on the back. It appears that some folks dig the whole thing though as Jesse just got an email from some dude at Adbusters magazine who said they like one of our pieces and requested to use it for the print edition of the Nov/Dec Adbusters. We were like..... yeah! Here's the one that they are using.
> I'm super late on this but I wanna mention The Throw Up 5 zine that also featured a few Methadont pieces as well as art from friends Justin Sehorn, Jesse Draxler, Mark Vomit-who makes it all happen, and others. You can buy the mag online here. The release party at Big V's was a good time and at the end of the night we hung a bunch of discounted Pop Vomit t-shirts on the building next door, which had been set on fire the night prior to the Throw Up show. Blurry cell phone pic take 1.


How Lo-(fi) Can Ya Go

The Wavves picture above might be teetering on the brink of perfection. Hey Wavves, if you're "so bored" why don't you spend more time making rad pictures of your band name using slices of za as V's and spend less time not knowing how to take drugs. Cool? Anywavves, there is also this promo picture which Jesse pointed out to me. Hey-yo, does the weed leaf ever become trite? Of course not silly. It's still as great as it was when I was 14 years old and got my first real zippo which had a fat leaf emblazoned on the front. Won that sucker at the Great Minnesota Get-Together. May have cost me $15 in quarters but I'll be damned if I wasn't the dopest dude around when someone needed a flame. Nevertheless, Wavves is aiiight but Sisters, one of my favorite newish bands, is still better and I bring them up cause you should listen to them and cause it seems like they are often compared to Wavves and No Age in the press I read about them. Press likes to do that with two-pieces. Speaking of the weirdo rippers themselves, No Age is playing a free show at the 501 Club next Wednesday. Shit's gonnna be bombzilla! No Age is great but they sorta pale in comparison when held up to me and Sehorns new two piece rock n roll outfit No Wage. Killer jams by the poor, for the poor.


Jack Haas : Interesting Dude

I saw this drawing I liked online and was able to trace it back to this guy named Jack Haas. This guy is spaced way out and appears to be spiritually on one and he's doing all sorts of interesting shit along the way. He does digital art, fractal art, paintings, has written several books, and made something called the Omstrument which combines five instruments into one. This pencil drawing, apparently from his earlier years, is what initially made me check out his site. There's a whole series of these early abstract drawings that he probably did back when he looked like this.Most of his art now is digital more along these lines of this piece which is title Psychedelic Self:The New Cell.
And you could maybe say that he has changed up his style a little bit and now looks like this, which he claims is a photo of him with his crown chakra wide open and chakras above the body operational. Damn dude... see ya there.

I was born in Eugene, Oregon, grew up in Kansas City and in San Antonio.. I recently lived in Taos, New Mexico, and now make my home in Portland, Oregon.

I think of creating art as a "dreaming meditation", as I follow where my subconscious stirrings lead me. During my teens, I began to have an intense interest in my dreams. Their lyrical symbolism intrigued me, and keeping a journal led to painting illustrations of dream content. Eventually, this evolved into dreaming as I painted. My interests in archetypal psychology, spirituality, metaphysics, the natural sciences, and art history are also apparent in my works.



Free Drugs


High Throughout 09

East coast homebizzles Coin Under Tongue laid down a new version of their killer song "High Until We Die," which was originally released last year on one of the better records of the year hands down, Coin Under Tongue - s/t (well technically "High Until We Die" is on the Hussies At Bay ep.. sorta). The re-record was done with one of their pals from Baroness on drums (sick!) and I think it was recorded at the Death By Audio loft, which would explain why the new version has the energy levels set to 11. I loved the original version but upon just listening to this more recent take it seems to just have a lot more punch. Makes ya feel like ya just got knocked the fuck out by Mike Tyson. In a good way if that's possible. Always exciting to hear CUT jams.

80/20 Hamburger Grit



This is Nam from my work. He got himself a nifty little Ipod Touch about three weeks ago and has never been happier. Unfortunately for me this means that this guy bombards me with porn every day I work now. The first thing he does when he sees me is attempt to show me some sixty second snippet of whatever random porn he loaded up on his new toy before work. The first day I was like haha cool.. I get it... porn... on your Ipod. Nothing new there. Now it's just weird cuz I obviously don't really wanna watch porn at work with some old dude on his Ipod Touch at ten in the morning. I try to avoid the whole interaction but the other day he was adamant on showing me his new find. What was it? It was a girl sucking about a thirteen inch dick. He giggled and bounced around like it was the greatest thing he had ever seen. He was pretty crushed when I told him that it was 100 fake and hence the dude not being in the scene and just this enormous phallic rod creeping onto the screen from the left.

Regardless, it makes this guy happy and I suppose that's a good thing.


Yeo Whatup

The Bombest !

Also, David Carradine died in Bangkok. He was cool.


City Of Minneapolis Continues Trend Of Finding New Ways To Take My Money

Went downtown to deal with a traffic ticket and expired tabs ticket this morning. Thought that the sign in the government center parking ramp said early morning special $8 - in by 9am - out before 12pm. That would make sense right?

When I went to leave I was charged 21 bones for two hours!!! I obviously misread the sign. Where is the logic here? Why would you be forced to keep your car IN the ramp til noon to get a cheaper rate. It was only 10am and I didn't feel like hanging out downtown for two hours. The man wins again.


Six Slices Of Sigmar

all work by the great sigmar polke


Skew It On The Barbie

Top 5 Things To Grill
1. Steak
2. Hamburgers
3. People you need info from
4. Kabobs
5. Pollo
guns, grills, stars, stripes, 9/11.


Riddle Me This

I don't really watch much television these days. I'm not saying this to sound cool though as I would watch TV more if I didn't have other shit to do that I find to be more entertaining. Every once in a while I'll have one of those wicked hangovers though that keeps me shelved all day and I just veg out and order non vegetarian pizzas and watch the tube. Or occasionally Captain Grassdealer will come through with such good weed that I stone myself silly and physically can't get up off the couch for an hour or two. I wish that happened more actually. Anyways, whenever I find myself clicking aimlessly through the channels I always seem to stumble upon that train wreck of a show on VH1 called "Daisy Of Love." The same thing happens every time. I say to myself ugh are these real people or actors, then my brain tells me to change the channel, then something overrules my brain and I watch at least five minutes of the show. The more I watch the more I'm convinced that the world is coming to an end. I tell myself that this is just television and that there aren't actually dudes out there that fail this miserably at life. However, I think I'm wrong.

Let us pretend this scenario. You are stuck on a deserted island with three random dudes from this show. You know with complete certainty that you will never be rescued and basically you have to spend the rest of your life on this island with these three people. You stumble upon an old wooden box that contains a gun with only ONE bullet. So riddle me this. Who do you shoot? Because we know you would want to. You can't shoot all three because the lone bullet only has the force to penetrate one person. Here are your choices.

This is 84. This is actually how he dresses although he claims he has never heard of Axl Rose. In fact he claims he has never heard of Guns N Roses but ironically says his favorite band of all time is Hanoi Rocks. When he's not busy pretending to shoot heroin you can find him in the bathroom either sticking his finger down his throat or up his vagina.

This is Flipper. He claims to have lifted this nickname from the popular dolphin of the same name and says he's never heard of the rad late 70s-early 80s San Fran band Flipper. He says his two favorite things in life are Dep hair gel and Jagermeister although he says his homemade benzodiazepine or "date rape in a bottle" comes in a close third. Favorite activities include shaving his chest and watching gape porn.

This is Cage. He loves "hardcore" music almost as much as he loves snorting his friends ball gravy after a sweaty sesh. As a loner in junior high he played in an Alanis Morrisette cover band but claims his life changed when his best friend Zeke told him about this wild music tour known as Ozzfest. He once punched his mother in the nose when he was seventeen because she told him that WWE wrestling was fake.

When looking over these options and weighing them out fairly I concluded that the best thing to do would be to turn the gun around, insert the barrel into your own mouth, and say goodnight. Thanks VH1, thank you for putting people on television that are so awful that I would rather kill myself than have to watch to these buffoons flex nuts and fight over who gets to dump their retard heavy DNA into some geek turned slut named Daisy.


Anvil / No Minnesota Nice

Last night Maja wanted to go see the documentary Anvil for her second screening in three days. I wasn't with her the first time but I was assured that I would love the flick. Before I talk about the movie I should mention the shit that went down the first night she went and saw it last Friday night. Anvil had been slated to make an actual appearance that night after the movie was over and they were gonna play some tunes, do meet and greets and the whole nine yards. According to Maja the dudes sat down to play and realized that someone had stolen some of their gear while they were out in the lobby signing autographs and hanging out with fans. After coming back to play after the 9:30 show they realized that some equipment was missing. I guess they just sort of looked around for a second and then three of the four dudes just got up and walked out. Theft of gear in itself is already fucked up but what's even more troubling to me is that someone could steal anything from these dudes after just sitting through that movie. All I know is that it truly takes a real degenerate piece of shit to pull something like that and for what??? A few cymbals??? A few rocks?

Onto the movie. So far this is the best thing I've watched this year hands down. I really can't express how much I thoroughly enjoyed it. From the opening frame to the final shots as the credits are rolling I was captivated. I never listened to Anvil growing up and was honestly pretty unfamiliar with 99 percent of their tunes but that's neither here nor there when you're watching this movie. Without getting too much into it, the brief summary is that it manages to sort of tell the tale of Anvil from the 80's til now and their desire for success. Although they wanted to blow up and never really did, they also don't really measure success necessarily by record sales and so on. I think that they really just want to sort of be acknowledged for the ass busting work that they've put into this beast for over 30 years. The two main guys it follows are "Lips" and "Robbo" who are founding members and seem to be genuine sweethearts. By the end of this movie you can't help but adore them both for their determination and the seemingly brutally honest nature that encompasses each. The movie was tremendously inspirational, touching, funny, enjoyable and a must see for ANYONE ANYWHERE. What are you waiting for?



Work Free Is The Way To Be

Boss gave me the day off today and its sunny and nearing 70. Tits, clits, and bong hits man. A few things off the top of my head:

- Jesse Draxler and I started an art project called Methadont and we plan on displaying the final works in a gallery when the 365 days end. Also looking into the idea of a coffee table book. Start saving your money cuz the book is gonna be honey and guaranteed to make you look smart and art in front of yer cool friends.

- A few friends started a new collective/company type thing called Lovelee Buttons with Dom Davis. Putting MPLS back on the map or something. I'd know more if I showed up to either of the two meetings I was invited to but now I gotta be like Redman is to Wu Tang Clan. Shimmy shimmy ya.

- My tallest friend Lake moved back from Chicago after realizing how many pricks there were there and how much of a drag it is to park. Surprisingly, this has led to Buildings getting back together with a new bass player and they are playing a show tomorrow night downtown.

- Going to see The Kills and The Horrors on Monday night at First Ave. It's Sehorns birthday and should be a great time with friends and feedback.

- Before I abruptly and slightly regretfully deleted all of my old posts on here I had been meaning to link some new tunes from my favorite Brooklynites, Coin Under Tongue. My mate from another state Joe plays guitar(lefty?) and sings for these guys. Dude, we're still waiting for you to put out a bad song. What gives? Anyways, Joe and his people run Death By Audio Records and they recently signed Seawhores. Remember them? Who could forget the Seawhores a la N.W.A. t-shirts?

- Preston brought this similarity to my attention the other day. He thought that LCD's "North American Scum" and Becks "Timebomb" were noticeably alike and after listening to the Beck track I tend to agree. Intentional or not I don't know. I'm not even sure which came out first. Beck gives me the creeps sometimes though.


Fell Asleep On Your Mom

I feel like I've been smoking acid for the past month, whatever that means. Thanks Anton. Gonna get this bitch running again though and so why not post the obligatory Youtube video. Ah, such a cheap substitution for writing these days. No but really, I just came across this rad cover of "Point That Thing Somewhere Else" originally by The Clean but being ripped through by Kinski here. I have only heard like two other Kinski songs in my life which were from an old Sub Pop split they did with Acid Mothers Temple in 2003. The song "Fell Asleep On Your Lawn" from that split is killer too but of course I sold it to Cheapo a long time ago and now can't find it online anywhere. Like for free.



Crowning and about to make my way out the womb. Stay tuned.