High Throughout 09

East coast homebizzles Coin Under Tongue laid down a new version of their killer song "High Until We Die," which was originally released last year on one of the better records of the year hands down, Coin Under Tongue - s/t (well technically "High Until We Die" is on the Hussies At Bay ep.. sorta). The re-record was done with one of their pals from Baroness on drums (sick!) and I think it was recorded at the Death By Audio loft, which would explain why the new version has the energy levels set to 11. I loved the original version but upon just listening to this more recent take it seems to just have a lot more punch. Makes ya feel like ya just got knocked the fuck out by Mike Tyson. In a good way if that's possible. Always exciting to hear CUT jams.

80/20 Hamburger Grit

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