Work Free Is The Way To Be

Boss gave me the day off today and its sunny and nearing 70. Tits, clits, and bong hits man. A few things off the top of my head:

- Jesse Draxler and I started an art project called Methadont and we plan on displaying the final works in a gallery when the 365 days end. Also looking into the idea of a coffee table book. Start saving your money cuz the book is gonna be honey and guaranteed to make you look smart and art in front of yer cool friends.

- A few friends started a new collective/company type thing called Lovelee Buttons with Dom Davis. Putting MPLS back on the map or something. I'd know more if I showed up to either of the two meetings I was invited to but now I gotta be like Redman is to Wu Tang Clan. Shimmy shimmy ya.

- My tallest friend Lake moved back from Chicago after realizing how many pricks there were there and how much of a drag it is to park. Surprisingly, this has led to Buildings getting back together with a new bass player and they are playing a show tomorrow night downtown.

- Going to see The Kills and The Horrors on Monday night at First Ave. It's Sehorns birthday and should be a great time with friends and feedback.

- Before I abruptly and slightly regretfully deleted all of my old posts on here I had been meaning to link some new tunes from my favorite Brooklynites, Coin Under Tongue. My mate from another state Joe plays guitar(lefty?) and sings for these guys. Dude, we're still waiting for you to put out a bad song. What gives? Anyways, Joe and his people run Death By Audio Records and they recently signed Seawhores. Remember them? Who could forget the Seawhores a la N.W.A. t-shirts?

- Preston brought this similarity to my attention the other day. He thought that LCD's "North American Scum" and Becks "Timebomb" were noticeably alike and after listening to the Beck track I tend to agree. Intentional or not I don't know. I'm not even sure which came out first. Beck gives me the creeps sometimes though.

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