- Daniel Johnston was cool for like the first 20 minutes, then he took a break and came back with a full backing band and totally killed buzzes. No dude, we wanted to see you and that mini acoustic guitar playing the same chords over and over again cause it was cool. Backing band, not so much.

- Sehorn and I saw Motorhead last night at First Ave. Trippiest part is when we were hanging banners prior to the doors opening and saw Lemmy standing right behind us playing video blackjack. As Sehorn said, "He's going for that Ace of Spades." That jokes for the old timers. Openers Throw Rag were some old punker sluts that had some energy on stage then they had Shannon from Cows and Heroine Sheiks come up on stage and "play" some busted trumpet.

- Saw someone wearing one of the greatest rock n roll t-shirts around, with one of the greatest slogans.

That's from Funkadelic's second record which Georgie says was an attempt to see if they could cut a whole record tripping on acid. I need a hard copy of this record cause I only have Maggot Brain.



Birthday today. 27 yrz young. Sehorn and I are working at the Daniel Johnston show at First Ave tonight! Camping in Taylors Falls tomorrow and waterparking it like children on Saturday. YES! Back soon with some words about seeing Daniel Johnston. Should be interesting.



> We are now a little over 130 days into Methadont and still doing the damn thing. The initial idea and subsequent gravitation towards fruition of this idea was to really just see if we could do it for a whole year and then to pat ourselves on the back. It appears that some folks dig the whole thing though as Jesse just got an email from some dude at Adbusters magazine who said they like one of our pieces and requested to use it for the print edition of the Nov/Dec Adbusters. We were like..... yeah! Here's the one that they are using.
> I'm super late on this but I wanna mention The Throw Up 5 zine that also featured a few Methadont pieces as well as art from friends Justin Sehorn, Jesse Draxler, Mark Vomit-who makes it all happen, and others. You can buy the mag online here. The release party at Big V's was a good time and at the end of the night we hung a bunch of discounted Pop Vomit t-shirts on the building next door, which had been set on fire the night prior to the Throw Up show. Blurry cell phone pic take 1.