How Lo-(fi) Can Ya Go

The Wavves picture above might be teetering on the brink of perfection. Hey Wavves, if you're "so bored" why don't you spend more time making rad pictures of your band name using slices of za as V's and spend less time not knowing how to take drugs. Cool? Anywavves, there is also this promo picture which Jesse pointed out to me. Hey-yo, does the weed leaf ever become trite? Of course not silly. It's still as great as it was when I was 14 years old and got my first real zippo which had a fat leaf emblazoned on the front. Won that sucker at the Great Minnesota Get-Together. May have cost me $15 in quarters but I'll be damned if I wasn't the dopest dude around when someone needed a flame. Nevertheless, Wavves is aiiight but Sisters, one of my favorite newish bands, is still better and I bring them up cause you should listen to them and cause it seems like they are often compared to Wavves and No Age in the press I read about them. Press likes to do that with two-pieces. Speaking of the weirdo rippers themselves, No Age is playing a free show at the 501 Club next Wednesday. Shit's gonnna be bombzilla! No Age is great but they sorta pale in comparison when held up to me and Sehorns new two piece rock n roll outfit No Wage. Killer jams by the poor, for the poor.


Jesse Draxler said...

no age is the 8th yo. wednesday.

get the right day of work yo.

Malcolm Alchemy said...

Oh yeah, the Throw Up 5 release is Thursday right?