Jack Haas : Interesting Dude

I saw this drawing I liked online and was able to trace it back to this guy named Jack Haas. This guy is spaced way out and appears to be spiritually on one and he's doing all sorts of interesting shit along the way. He does digital art, fractal art, paintings, has written several books, and made something called the Omstrument which combines five instruments into one. This pencil drawing, apparently from his earlier years, is what initially made me check out his site. There's a whole series of these early abstract drawings that he probably did back when he looked like this.Most of his art now is digital more along these lines of this piece which is title Psychedelic Self:The New Cell.
And you could maybe say that he has changed up his style a little bit and now looks like this, which he claims is a photo of him with his crown chakra wide open and chakras above the body operational. Damn dude... see ya there.

I was born in Eugene, Oregon, grew up in Kansas City and in San Antonio.. I recently lived in Taos, New Mexico, and now make my home in Portland, Oregon.

I think of creating art as a "dreaming meditation", as I follow where my subconscious stirrings lead me. During my teens, I began to have an intense interest in my dreams. Their lyrical symbolism intrigued me, and keeping a journal led to painting illustrations of dream content. Eventually, this evolved into dreaming as I painted. My interests in archetypal psychology, spirituality, metaphysics, the natural sciences, and art history are also apparent in my works.


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Jesse Draxler said...

did you screen shot that dude for your profile image or did you find that somewhere?

either way...gave me a nice morning chuckle.