This is Nam from my work. He got himself a nifty little Ipod Touch about three weeks ago and has never been happier. Unfortunately for me this means that this guy bombards me with porn every day I work now. The first thing he does when he sees me is attempt to show me some sixty second snippet of whatever random porn he loaded up on his new toy before work. The first day I was like haha cool.. I get it... porn... on your Ipod. Nothing new there. Now it's just weird cuz I obviously don't really wanna watch porn at work with some old dude on his Ipod Touch at ten in the morning. I try to avoid the whole interaction but the other day he was adamant on showing me his new find. What was it? It was a girl sucking about a thirteen inch dick. He giggled and bounced around like it was the greatest thing he had ever seen. He was pretty crushed when I told him that it was 100 fake and hence the dude not being in the scene and just this enormous phallic rod creeping onto the screen from the left.

Regardless, it makes this guy happy and I suppose that's a good thing.

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hahaha. great shit man.