Anvil / No Minnesota Nice

Last night Maja wanted to go see the documentary Anvil for her second screening in three days. I wasn't with her the first time but I was assured that I would love the flick. Before I talk about the movie I should mention the shit that went down the first night she went and saw it last Friday night. Anvil had been slated to make an actual appearance that night after the movie was over and they were gonna play some tunes, do meet and greets and the whole nine yards. According to Maja the dudes sat down to play and realized that someone had stolen some of their gear while they were out in the lobby signing autographs and hanging out with fans. After coming back to play after the 9:30 show they realized that some equipment was missing. I guess they just sort of looked around for a second and then three of the four dudes just got up and walked out. Theft of gear in itself is already fucked up but what's even more troubling to me is that someone could steal anything from these dudes after just sitting through that movie. All I know is that it truly takes a real degenerate piece of shit to pull something like that and for what??? A few cymbals??? A few rocks?

Onto the movie. So far this is the best thing I've watched this year hands down. I really can't express how much I thoroughly enjoyed it. From the opening frame to the final shots as the credits are rolling I was captivated. I never listened to Anvil growing up and was honestly pretty unfamiliar with 99 percent of their tunes but that's neither here nor there when you're watching this movie. Without getting too much into it, the brief summary is that it manages to sort of tell the tale of Anvil from the 80's til now and their desire for success. Although they wanted to blow up and never really did, they also don't really measure success necessarily by record sales and so on. I think that they really just want to sort of be acknowledged for the ass busting work that they've put into this beast for over 30 years. The two main guys it follows are "Lips" and "Robbo" who are founding members and seem to be genuine sweethearts. By the end of this movie you can't help but adore them both for their determination and the seemingly brutally honest nature that encompasses each. The movie was tremendously inspirational, touching, funny, enjoyable and a must see for ANYONE ANYWHERE. What are you waiting for?



Jimi Henderson said...

yeah, seen it, it's awesome. If you're looking for a better documentary this year, try TYSON. That shit is amazing- funny, touching, moving, all that.
But none of them can touch King Of Kong!

Malcolm Alchemy said...

yeah dude i actually saw the poster for tyson when i went and saw anvil. gotta see that for sure.

Jesse Draxler said...

King of Kong is hilarious.